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In the domestic new energy model market, in addition to the joint venture and imported new energy brands have a certain share, the vast majority of shares depend on the performance of autonomous models.


In the domestic market for new energy models, in addition to the share of joint ventures and imported new energy brands, the vast majority of shares depend on the performance of autonomous models. It's true that autonomous models have made significant strides in both technology and range, and know more about what consumers need than imported and joint-venture brands. This period to give you a look at the domestic independent new energy car camp in which there are models worthy of attention, these models have your next car change goals.


BYD's qin ev is an early launch of a pure electric compact car, now it has a new generation, and its positioning in the brand has also changed, with a higher positioning of the qin pro ev, there is a later e3 in e.com, and the new qin ev has become the middle choice for byd brand in this level. The new Qin EV version is basically the same as the fuel version in appearance, with only a few differences on the front grille.


The brand-new Qin EV also uses the latest Dragon Face front face design of the BYD family, and the large hexagonal grille not only widens the visual width, but also significantly enhances the face of the front face, and the new car is equipped with a matrix LED headlamp, which also enhances the technological sense of the front face. This kind of design effect is more similar to Qin ProEV, which can make consumers have obvious satisfaction in visual feeling.


The brand-new Qin EV adopts the fully enclosed front design, which is also a common design for electric models. The hexagon mesh highlights the front grid's atmospheric side, and the transverse chrome trim further enhances the transverse width, so that the front is obviously low enough to highlight the whole car's sense of movement and weight. The design of the rear of the car is much more regular, the typical four-level eight-stable style, the size of the new car is 4675×1770×1500 mm, wheelbase 2670, in the same class belongs to the more mainstream size.


The new family interior looks very structured and layered, with the most visible definitely in-inch spinning large screen, which has become an indispensable symbol of BYD's new car, with practical household standards for in-car materials and workmanship, soft material where necessary, and vehicle positioning.


The most powerful part of the system is that it can download a lot of apps, including almost all kinds of apps on our smartphones, allowing it to be extremely extensive, equipped with onboard Wi-Fi and free traffic up to a year for some models.


vehicle nedc range was raised from 400km in cash to 421km, providing 100kw maximum motor power and 180nm maximum torque, battery pack capacity is. In terms of charging, the fast and slow charging interface is placed under the front logo and the rear wing plate of the co-driving side respectively, and the 50kW fast charging pile can be charged from 0% to 100% in only hours, and the charging time from 30% to 80% electricity is 30 minutes. warranty policy for non-operating vehicle complete vehicle repair period of 6 years or 150,000 km, core parts repair period of 8 years or 150,000 km, power battery core lifetime warranty.


Chery's brand is a technical man's image in consumer psychology, and in the increasingly hot new-energy car market, there seems to be no other product other than one such as the chery eq1, but it's hard to beat the technical chery, who unveiled in august this year's launch of the brand's compact class car product,\" ariezee,\" ayzer fuel version of the car launched a total of three models, the subsidies are competitive in the same class.


In terms of appearance, arizer e integrates the shape design of the fuel version of arizer 5, only in the front part of the car to replace the more new energy model features of the closed grille, the addition of black highlighted piano paint to make the front grille less dull, except for face changes, body size and tail shape are consistent with arizer 5 design, only on the logo to change the more technology sense of blue color logo.