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New Year's Day is a day of old and new. The day before New Year's Day 2020, the group's vice president and head of mobile operations in China also said goodbye to the old owners and immediately joined on the first working day of the new year. Since joining lenovo in 2000, chang has served lenovo for up to 19 years, only taking two days from the announcement of a new job.


Behind the rapid change of career, Lenovo and Xiaomi are different choices in the Chinese market. Lenovo, which focuses more on the overall profitability of its mobile business, is focusing its business on better-performing american markets, and emerging markets such as china, such as bayonets, are not its focus. And domestic manufacturers in the first echelon to accompany the last Xiaomi, is \"grinding the knife \", ready to borrow the next year 5G Dongfeng, a turnaround.


On December 31,2019, more than 6 a.m., Chang acknowledged his departure from Lenovo on his certified Weibo account. \"19 years of growing up in association, feeling, thanking, grateful.\" Chang wrote in Weibo. Shortly after weibo's launch, lenovo group also made an \"official announcement\" about the long-term departure: long-term struggle in the fiercely competitive mobile phone line, under great business pressure, family gathering more, based on personal health and hope more energy to take care of the family, the long-term proposed departure. The company thanked him for his tremendous effort and he will continue to contribute to Lenovo's mobile business as a consultant.


However, two days after the frequent rush to enter Xiaomi, to prove that the above these tender expressions are only the decent words between adults. The regular last public appearance came in July 2019, when Lenovo released two phones, Lenovo Z6 and MotoP50. Before the departure, Lenovo's mobile phone business in China had been weakening for years.


On the succession issue, lenovo said that the regular work will be managed by lenovo group vice president, lenovo mobile asia-pacific emerging market leader zhao yunming, in addition, lenovo mobile china marketing director chen jin, will help zhao yunming jointly promote the development of mobile business in china. Interestingly, mr zhao was just \"airborne\" lenovo in july 2019 and took over at the end of december just a few months later.


It is reported that mr zhao has more than 30 years of qualifications in the technology industry, has served in intel for more than 20 years, and management ability is favored by the industry. In an internal email announcing the restructuring, mr zhao not only spoke highly of the agenda, but also \"took the opportunity to express his gratitude\" in his personal capacity. Mr zhao said:\" in the months since i joined lenovo, he has given me full support to quickly integrate with the team and become familiar with the business.\" Combined with the rapid departure of mr zhao's personal thanks, it is not difficult to see that the past few months of the \"support\" for mr zhao seems to have a touch of handover.


Zhao Yunming's high assessment of the long-term may represent Lenovo's recognition of its contribution to the past 19 years: the long-term \"19 years in the company held a number of important positions. The flagship products, such as K860, K900 and Yogatablet, developed by him, as well as star internet services such as Le Shop, Eggplant Express, Le Security and Lenovo Games, have made outstanding contributions to Lenovo's mobile Internet business.


Lenovo's frequent mobile phone changes are no news. Before 2014, in an era when carriers were playing an important role in mobile sales, chinese cool was doing well in the domestic android market. However, as carrier subsidies retreated, only four of the firms were successfully transformed, with lenovo and zte becoming marginal and cool pie no longer exist.


In 2014, lenovo acquired motorola. In june 2015, mr. chen took over as mr. liu, with moto, zuk and le lemon brands pointing to the high-end, middle-end and low-end markets, with little success. In November 2016, Mr. Qiao, formerly in charge of human resources, took over China's cellphone business and failed to stop Lenovo's decline. Changcheng took over the mobile business in China area when it was already May 2018. Relying on the frequent \"touch porcelain marketing \", won a\" ten thousand magnetic king \"nickname, but lenovo china's mobile business has not improved.


According to Yan Zhanmeng, director of Greater China research at market research consultancy Counterpoint, the ability of product line management and product definition is very strong in terms of personal ability, but in the face of Huami OV's product competitiveness and channel advantages, Chang is somewhat powerless. On the product, Lenovo did not get the extra support from the chip supplier Qualcomm, and the marketing investment is far less than OPPO, vivo, in such a competitive environment, the permanent display space is really not big.


On the global map of Lenovo's mobile business, Lenovo is shrinking the market to keep it profitable. In the first half of 2019\/2020, revenue from the company's mobile business fell 7 percent year-on-year to $100 million, according to Lenovo Group's semi-annual earnings as of September 30,2019. The reason for the decline was that \"the group only focused on countries with profitable growth potential to invest, which inevitably reduced the size of its operations \". Mobile accounts for only about% of half a year's total revenue of $100 million, and is very limited in size compared to the pc business. However, Lenovo Mobile's pre-tax profit for the first half of the fiscal year was $100 million higher than a year earlier. This is the fourth consecutive quarter that its mobile business has made a profit.


In the Chinese mobile market, Lenovo's mobile products have long been classified as \"other\" categories, with a market share of less than 1%. Liu jun, china president of lenovo group, told a media briefing after the interim earnings report that the market end of 2019 was more pragmatic and did not invest much, because the overall situation of the mobile phone market in china in 2019 was not good, and the competition was very different, except for the first one, which may be losing share and losing money, so lenovo has relatively not made much investment in the market, but has been investing in the research and development end.


The profit-making pursuit of mobile business means that the importance of unprofitable mobile business in China is declining. Lenovo's chairman and ceo told a communications conference that in the past year, lenovo's mobile business has focused mainly on profitability, but to be profitable, it has to put unprofitable markets on the back burner. Therefore, emerging markets in asia-pacific, global emerging markets, are not the focus of lenovo's development, because the competition in these markets is the \"bayonet see red\" price war.


Lenovo's profitability in major markets has been good over the past year, with margins in Latin America and North America close to those in the PC business, Mr Yang said. \"From now on, we need to focus on profitable growth. Profit-making growth means paying more attention to growth on the premise of ensuring profitability. While focusing on for-profit growth, mr yang points out, lenovo will be the preferred place to be profitable, such as in europe.


Predictably, for some time to come, lenovo will not add to the chinese market. As head of mobile operations in China, there is no room for much use. Mr yan says it may be a common idea for companies and individuals. Lenovo is focusing on the motorola brand, which is now led by an american team and has limited decision-making space.


On the other side of the battlefield is the new permanent owner. On January 2, the first working day of 2020, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and chief executive of Xiaomi, released a full-staff letter for the New Year. In the letter, Lei Jun specifically mentioned the entry of the regular program. Lei said Chang, who has extensive experience in consumer electronics, will become vice president of Xiaomi Group, responsible for mobile product planning and so on, reporting to Lin Bin, vice chairman of the group and president of the mobile phone department.


\"As long as we truly agree with the values of Xiaomi, as long as the ability is outstanding, we all want to be virtuous, will continue to recruit more industry top talent with the attitude of all rivers in the world.\" Lei Jun indicated in the internal letter. With the overall shrinking of the smartphone market and the white-hot competition, more and more players are gradually marginalized and even completely withdrawn. In addition to vying for the market, the four giants are also competing for the top executives who have escaped. A year ago, former Jinli executive Lu Weibing entered Xiaomi and became vice president of Xiaomi and general manager of Redmi brand. In the personnel adjustment at the end of the year, Lu Weibing took over the heavy burden of the Chinese region from Lei Jun, and its integration was quite smooth.


In the past 2019, Xiaomi's life is not easy. Xiaomi's and OV's market share has been strongly squeezed as the Huawei has aggressively withdrawn its domestic market from abroad. One of the most affected manufacturers, when millet. Xiaomi's domestic market share fell by only% in the third quarter, according to market researcher IDC.

2020年,5G的強勢來襲,成為小米想要借以翻身的“東風”。雷軍在全員信中提出,小米2020年將進行重大戰略升級:2019年年初提出的5年“AIoT”100億元的戰略,加碼升級為5年投入“5G AIoT”500億元。而雷軍此前也曾在多個場合表示,2020年,小米將發布超過10款5G手機,覆蓋中高端的各個價位。

In 2020, the strong attack of 5G has become the \"east wind\" that Xiaomi wants to use to turn over. Lei Jun in the letter, Xiaomi 2020 will carry out a major strategic upgrade: early 2019 put forward a five-year \"AIoT \"10 billion yuan strategy, plus code upgrade to five years to invest \"5G AIoT \"50 billion yuan. And Lei Jun has also said on several occasions,2020, Xiaomi will release more than 10 5G phones, covering the high-end of the various prices.

“2020年是小米5G業務的沖鋒年,是小米推動‘手機 AIoT’雙引擎的關鍵年。”雷軍在內部信中強調,“5G AIoT”是貫穿集團全產品、全平臺、全場景的服務能力,將是小米互聯網基因在新時代全面爆發的“題眼”。StrategicAnalytics分析師吳怡雯告訴新京報記者,小米在智能硬件方面的布局較早,在推動5G手機價格下降的過程中也表現得非常激進,5G確實是小米一個很好的發展點。

\"2020 is a charge year for Xiaomi's 5G business and a key year for Xiaomi to drive the'mobile AIoT' dual engine.\" Lei Jun stressed in his internal letter that \"5G AIoT \"is the service ability that runs through the whole product, the whole platform and the whole scene of the group, and will be the\" topic eye \"of the full burst of Xiaomi Internet gene in the new era. Wu Yi-wen, an analyst at Strategic Analytics, told Beijing that Xiaomi's layout in smart hardware was also very aggressive in driving down the price of 5G phones, and that 5G was really a good development point for Xiaomi.


Xiaomi with the ordinary hand, there are no more details exposed. But a mainstream guess is that millet may be interested in the product capacity of ordinary. Mr yan believes that mmi's previous introduction of lu wei-bing is more focused on external channels, brands and market direction, and the product level has not yet seen very effective executives, xiaomi needs to strengthen the ability to do so. And Chang Cheng this time to join Xiaomi, the scope of responsibility is in the mobile phone product planning.